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Next Steps

Almost 9,000 Flagstaff voters recently signed petitions in support of having a special election to amend Proposition 414 with the Sustainable Wages Act. Once these signatures have been verified by the County Clerk, the City Council will then have a vote to put the Sustainable Wages Act on a special election ballot on May 16, 2017.


We have a short amount of time to encourage our City Council to do the right thing and put the Sustainable Wages Act on the ballot this May. Wages will soon rise to unsustainable levels beginning in July and we cannot wait much longer to fix the consequences from Proposition 414.

Every Flagstaff resident who cares about the future of our city (Employer or Employees) needs to email and urge them to vote to place the Sustainable Wages Act on a special election ballot.

Tell them not to ignore the thousands of Flagstaff residents who signed our petitions and not to ignore our pleas to protect our jobs, our businesses and our city.