Elevate Flagstaff Responds to City Council Vote on Special Election

February 15, 2017
Elevate Flagstaff

Today, Elevate Flagstaff, the campaign to address Prop 414 and implement the Sustainable Wages Act, released the following statement regarding last night's City Council meeting:

"From the start of our campaign, our goal was to educate our neighbors and friends of Flagstaff about the negative effects from Prop 414 and put forth an alternative plan to address these problems. Already, too many small businesses, non-profit organizations and low-wage workers are being negatively impacted by local wages rising too much, too quickly. It was individuals from these areas who came together and drove the Sustainable Wages Act to come before the City Council.

While we are disappointed by last night's decision to forgo a special election to consider the Sustainable Wages Act, we remain hopeful that our city's leaders will address this issue in an expedient manner before our local wages rise to unsustainable levels on July 1. We cannot, and should not, ignore the thousands who signed our petitions, and the hundreds who have voiced their concerns to the Mayor and Council about Prop 414. It is important that we listen and respect the opinions of all and move forward in solidarity.

We look forward to continuing our conversations with the other organizations who want to identify and put forth solutions to fix Prop 414's negative effects on our community."

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