Caregivers worry about higher Flagstaff minimum wage

January 27, 2017
Arizona Daily Sun
Suzanne Adams-Ockrassa

Mary Haynie is glad that her granddaughter, Jaclyn, might still have a job if the Flagstaff minimum wage increases to $12 an hour in July.

But she’s not sure how she’s going to explain to Jaclyn why some of her friends had to move away or why they might have lost their jobs or why her service providers have moved out of town.

Jaclyn has Down syndrome and receives speech and habilitative care from a couple of different providers in town. She’s also a proud, four-year employee of HomCo Lumber & Hardware on East Butler Avenue, where she works about eight to 12 hours a week. Several of her friends with Down syndrome or other disabilities also have jobs at other businesses around town.


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